It’s a tight grip!

The only way to counteract a polar vortex is with a Dangle Vortex, Pervert Nation! In this lengthy episode, Dick and guest host Madalynn Raye talk about Dick’s upcoming Las Vegas trip to the AVN/AEE convention and all of the fun surrounding being in Sin City. The team also discusses social media problems, how to solve them (kind of) and some compliments we should all receive. The second part of the show is an incredible interview with the beautiful performer Arabelle Raphael! This stunning woman discusses how she has evolved in the industry, movies and music, her approach to awards and attractive scene partners, the pros and cons of large physical features and so much more. She brings her A-game to this conversation, so get ready to learn another name for your search history. So much heat comes from this show, you’ll watch palm trees grow in the snow!

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