Episode #275

Just when you thought this show couldn’t get any better, it does! For this episode, Dick tells stories of hosting and going to yard sales and then has Harley Marie interpret a dream. Then Dick and Harley discuss possible virus safety steps for strip clubs and the talk about a story of an April-November romance. It’s a fantastically fun time for one and all to enjoy. So get to it! Enjoy and Dangle On!

Sophia West: Episode #274

The warm weather is finally upon us, so no better time to listen to the show that gets you hot and bothered! For this episode, Dick gets the chance to interview the beautiful Sophia West! The conversation touches on starting in the industry, her hobbies, music, who she’d like to perform with and her social media. It’s a fantastic introduction to a performer ready to make some noise in the adult industry! So grab your favorite cold beverage and enjoy a warm, spring treat!

Episode #273

I don’t know if you’re ready for this podcast magic, Pervert Nation! It’s been a while, so we had to bring back the Master of His Domain, The Fine Stepfather! For this episode, we catch up with The Stepfather, and we discuss several topics, such as online shopping and impulse buying, adapting to the new way of business and the new possible population explosion. Articles include the loving sports fans and a business opens up, so bring your singles! It’s nothing but pure entertainment to enjoy! So laugh, learn and Dangle On!

Episode #272

Everything old is new again and that means you get some podcast magic to enjoy! This show is a pre-pandemic throwback, with fun conversations and stories to discuss, and we do so with Harley Marie! Dick and Harley discuss stay-at-home habits and discuss porn trends and the future of conventions and award shows. The energy is palpable and the laughter is contagious, but in a good way!

Karen Fisher: Episode #271

In an unpredictable world, one thing is certain. Mr. Dangle will always fight to give you the best content he can! For this episode, the first half of the show has Dick getting you caught up on his “life” over the past two months, finding ways to keep busy and sane. The second half of the show features an interview with the sexy performer, Karen Fisher! During the conversation, she discusses keeping busy during this time, her career and content, giving advise and a possible first time scene! It’s a fun talk with a lovely woman. So stay safe, don’t forget to smile and Dangle On!

Aria Carson: Episode #270

Gloves, face protection, physical distancing. And that’s just to protect those around you as you try to make it through another episode without finishing on them! For this fine episode, we have a fun interview with the delicious Aria Carson! She discusses her social media, doing AVN/AEE for the first time, future plans and her new look! Plus, she answers some questions to help her find love. Back away, she’s mine! I mean, I hope everyone enjoys this show and continues to Dangle On safely!

Nathan Bronson: Episode #269

Nothing like ending the week with a little man-on-man action! Wait, that came out wrong. For this fine episode, Dick talks to the super-studly male performer, Nathan Bronson. Nathan discusses past occupations, learning new skills and traveling. He also answers fun questions about past scenes and Twitter posts. It’s a high-energy good time with a quality person! So close your eyes and enjoy some of the supreme quality you’ve come to expect from this podcast!

Joslyn Jane: Episode #268

Another week, another stellar set of shows for Pervert Nation! And to start you off right, this episode brings you a great conversation with Joslyn Jane! During this interview, Joslyn discusses a musical video, her introduction to the adult community, a character legacy, shooting clips, sports and her favorite eats. Get to know her a little better as she wins you over!

Will Pounder: Episode #267

When Dick Dangle steps up to the plate, he comes with the thunder! Actually, this episode, he comes with The Pounder! Dick’s special interview guest is the award-winning talent, Mr. Will Pounder. He covers several topics, including his history (from military service to martial arts) leading up to performing in adult, his mindset and approach to life, his life away from porn and more! It’s a high-octane, motivating hour of entertainment! So Enjoy, stay safe and Dangle On!

Little Puck: Episode #266

I don’t know if you are ready for this show, Pervert Nation! This interview will have you jealous that YOU don’t have a podcast! Today’s guest is the multi award-winning superstar, Little Puck! For this episode, Little Puck discusses her return, her fans, shooting clips and being creative, new toys and discoveries on her social media timeline. She’s an absolute knock-out with a perfect personality, and there is no question about it, she will win you over!

Dave Harris: Episode #265

Bringing people that you should know about it one of the joys of doing this podcast! And this episode is a perfect example! For this show, Dick talks with the award-winning adult creator for Dave’s Custom Media, Mr. Dave Harris! In this show, Mr. Harris talks about his history to, and through, adult content creation, winning awards, his favorite scenes and his passions and interests away from the industry. It’s a tremendous conversation that covers an amazing amount of topics with a great person and creator! Dangle On!

Sarah Valmont: Episode #264

It’s time to think outside of the box, Pervert Nation! Because this episode is a new view of the adult world you love! My guest is acclaimed erotica/adult screenplay writer, Sarah Valmont! In this fun and descriptive interview, Sarah discusses her path to writing in adult, her motivation, finding creativity and dealing in fantasy, and fun with words. It’s a fascinating conversation with a brilliant and gifted artist! May this get your own creative juices flowing and, of course, Dangle On!