Mary Moody: Episode #290

The days are getting shorter, which means the nights are getting longer. Which is just how the Pervert Nation likes it! For this episode, Harley and Dick get into articles about unique relationship likes and being single. Then, there’s a great interview with the stunning adult powerhouse, Mary Moody! Mary discusses her success, giving back to the adult community, being introduced to performers, uncomfortable scenes, her camming audience and she answers questions about some recent tweets. And don’t miss dog tricks! There’s a lot to enjoy and learn about from this fantastic performer! Dangle On and enjoy what happens in the dark!

Britney Amber: Episode #289

When you are here, listening to the show, if only for a moment, everything is right with the world. And this episode will have you ready to take on that world, as Harley Marie joins Dick for some interesting talk, including convention updates and the show’s upcoming celebration. Then, they discuss an article about tips for the giving hands. Not to be outdone, the second half of the show contains an interview with the beautiful Britney Amber! She talks about all of the many projects that she is into, including adult and mainstream acting, and creating YouTube content. She does it all, and does it for your enjoyment! Today is the best day to Dangle On, so make it happen!

Catjira: Episode #288

For your safety, remember to keep all appendages inside during the ride, unless you’re feeling frisky! For this amazing show, Dick interviews the award-winning cam model, the beautiful Catjira! This incredible performer is ready to win you over as she discusses her start in the industry, winning awards, trying new camming platforms and giving back to the community. Then, she answers questions about recent tweets. There is no question that you will soon have a new online crush after hearing Catjira’s energy! Prepare to smile and laugh as you continue to Dangle On!

Episode #287

The nice thing about wearing masks is that nobody can see the crazy faces you make because you’re laughing so hard at this show! In this glorious episode, Dick is joined by The Stepfather and they discuss a new possible exercise trend, some recent Dangle finds and popular (and really creepy) music. They also find interest in recent popular porn searches. It’s a show that covers anything and everything, so everybody is bound to find something they like. So find it, love it and Dangle On!

Dee Siren: Episode #286

Want to hear another amazing show and guest? Well, just hit play! Because this episode contains a full interview with the lovely Dee Siren! She discusses her career and all of the different roles she has taken in it, including performer, director and care giver. You can hear the passion in her voice as she talks about life and lifestyle, and the industry is better off with her being a part of it! It’s the type of conversation that will leave you motivated, so get to making your own magic and Dangle On!

Episode #285

This is the show where the woodchuck finds some different wood to chuck! In this latest episode, The Stepfather and Dangle talk about some interesting ads and articles in old adult magazines that lead to a discussion on the adult industry’s response post-pandemic. Then they discuss articles about man self-love help and what women watch. There’s a lot to learn and a lot to laugh with, as Dick reveals more than he should (as usual!). There’s always something here for the Pervert Nation to enjoy!

Episode #284

Sometimes a good laugh is just what the doctor ordered. And this magical hour has it in handfuls! For this amazing episode, Dick introduces you to the master behind the scenes of the show, WebMan Greg! Without him, you could not enjoy this show. And now, you get to experience him for yourself! The two gentlemen discuss a recent Dangle purchase, modified toys, adult video games and saving an endangered species. It’s a show filled with puns, laughter and topics worthy of your time. Please enjoy our latest offering and Dangle On!

Naudi Nala: Episode #283

Your favorite weekly pick-me-up is ready! This episode features Harley Marie, and she helps Dick talk about some adult industry news. Then, the team helps the listeners get their groove on with some tips for lap dances. Finally, an interview with the captivating Naudi Nala rounds out this episode nicely! She discusses entering the industry, family support, music, getting caught making content. There’s so much to like about Ms. Nala that not liking her should be a crime! So get out there and make the world a better place while you Dangle On!

NYCBiSexCouple: Episode #282

All of the listeners of this show agree, this show is podcast gold every time! For this steamy event, Dangle and Harley Marie discuss Dick’s first teaching experience and then he talks about an interesting freebie. Then, there are articles about an epic theft and a list of kinks and fetishes. All of this is followed by an interview with the team that makes The NYCBiSexCouple! This duo talks about starting the journey into making content, finding partners, pushing boundaries and pop music icons! It’s a fantastic interview with a team that has big things in store! Stay cool and Dangle On!

Tana Waters: Episode #281

If it’s true that “Some like it hot”, then this show should satisfy them over and over again! For this trip through your perverted Psyche, Harley Marie joins Dick for some news to get you caught up on news, including watching an 80’s movie. They also talk about recent viewing trends and clues on “The One”. The second half of the show contains an interview with new performer, Tana Waters! She discusses her on-screen wish list, learning about the industry and her hobbies and likes away from the industry. You’ll like this show from beginning to end!

Adreena Winters: Episode #280

Making time to listen to this show is making time to make yourself happy. Well done! On this mystical joyride, Dick and The Stepfather talk about life, something that makes Dangle cringe, and an article about crazy sex shop worker stories. And the second half of the show features an interview with the beautiful Adreena Winters! Our overseas discussion includes current world events, creating content, tattoos, small and large wieners, gaming and music. It’s a great time with an incredible performer! I have no doubt that you’ll find this show a highlight of your week, so enjoy and Dangle On!

Jay Kopita of Episode #279

The weather is heating up, but how can it not? It’s been listening to this show! In the first half, with the help of The Stepfather, Dangle talks about meeting some interesting people, and brings a fun article on sex tips. The second half of the show features an interview with Jay Kopita of! In an engrossing conversation, Jay discusses adaption in the industry, branding, social movements effecting the industry and the pitfalls of social media. It’s another fantastic with fantastic guests who always bring their best for you!