We can call it sprouting!

Some people call him the pervert cowboy, some call him the Dangle of love! In this colorful episode of D.A.D., Dick and The Stepfather bring, to you, a video on watching porn at work and an article on the tickling fetish. Also discussed are your newest fetish and boobs from around the world! And please listen to Danglin’ After Darks first sponsor: Spunk Lube! We have a commercial and everything, so please enjoy! Finally, an entertaining interview from Blush Gentlemen’s Club with the gorgeous Jillian Janson is presented to you. She talks award shows and conventions, her career and the extremes of shooting! Have a great time listening as we speak on the Dangleness of love!


Jillian Janson at Blush

A fan with a phone

Have You Ever Watched Porn at Work

Tickling Fetishism Explored

Just What Exactly Is ‘Sploshing’? AE Investigates

Boobs: The Ideal And Average Sizes From Around The World




Flynt Dominic at Blush

Interview with Jillian Janson