The Captain Flaccid Podcast!

Baby, it’s cold outside. But it’s warm in here! And by “in here”, I mean this show! And my pants! During this fantastic episode, Dick Dangle tells stories about an impromptu sex party (thanks to Dangle!), then Dick, Harley Marie and The Stepfather make some AVN Award predictions, talk about a few new AVN Hall of Fame Inductees, some on-screen fakery, and dismantle a BJ article. It’s a gift to the ears and the imagination! Have a magnificent day and Dangle on!

  1. Dangle at a party!
       People opening up / Passing out / Lube play / Hidden toys
  2. Class of 2018: Meet the New AVN Hall of Famers


  1. 2018 AVN Awards
  2. Things That Are Used as Fake Cum in Porn
  3. 9 Blow Job Secrets Guys Will Never Tell You