…but I will not be holding a camera, aimed at your bare ass!

Lights, Camera, Dangle! For this episode, Dick talks about going to The Hump Film Festival as it visits Pittsburgh and the dreams that it created. Then Dangle and The Stepfather discuss a new awards show and when you will have the best sex of your life! Then we have an interview from Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh with the award-winning feature dancer, Simone Danalustrous! She discusses her amazing run of competitions, upcoming events, being approached for adult and the one thing she works out harder for! She is amazing! Enjoy the show and remember that Dangle always hits his mark!


  1. Party Weekend
    1. Simone Danalustrous at Blush
    2. Hump Film Festival


  1. Pornhub Awards Show Set to Debut in September
  1. This Is the Surprising Age When You’ll Have the Best Sex of Your Life




 Interview Simone Danalustrous