A Little Crème De Man! 

It’s the grand opening of Dangle’s Cafe, where the milkshakes are thick and the pie is hot! The show features the full crew of Harley Marie, The Stepfather and Dick himself! Included in this episode are a Dangle club visit, a fun story told to Dangle from a friend and a new computer friend for Dick. Articles for this show are a fun book find on Amazon (the reads are amazing!), an odd, a Footloose-style story, an article ripe for debate and a rest stop for a lucky handful men! Have fun with the show and don’t hesitate to get your sausage to go!

  1. Nikki Delano at Cheerleaders
  2. Computer support skit
  3. Dangle’s Story Time
    1. Match.com
  4. Semenology: The Semen Bartender’s Handbook
  5. Anti-Stripper Paranoia Puts Crimp In Local Music Scene


  1. 10 You-On-Top Sex Secrets Guys Won’t Tell You
  2. 21-year-old nymphomaniac stalked hundreds for sex in men’s bathroom