Like you’re bobbin’ for apples! 

Can you feel the winds of the coming storm? Be careful or it’ll blow the hell out of you! For this glorious episode, Dangle and The Stepfather talk about some cutting-edge, throwback technology that Dick found (so funny!). Articles include a man who doesn’t get the greatness of eating, new toys for super hero fans, some all-purpose pants for women, getting your rhythm in bed, and finding your way around Nevada and the world! So get out your poncho and galoshes and get ready to get wet!

  1. Traci Lords on CD_Rom
  2. DJ Khaled Said He Won’t Go Down on His Wife, and Twitter Actually Exploded
  3. Avengers’ Inspire New Toy Range At Geeky Sex Toys
  4. You’ve Got to See These Yoga Pants Made for Sex


  1. Would you try it? Bizarre app plays songs based on the rhythm of your movements during SEX
  2. Launches for Nevada Residents, Visitors
  3. Where in the World Is Full-Service Sex Work Legal?