It’s all about you, my fine Danglers! And you’ve made me so proud! The giveaways begin as listeners submit questions and stories for the Tenga Egg Male Masterbation Toys! Dangle and The Stepfather talk strange porn faces and an unscientific look at porn turn-over. Stories include a naughty nurse, the world’s greatest mom, a public service announcement and unique requests. Videos include some helping hints and dreams of adult stars. A well rounded show that is listener-driven and Dangle approved!

Weird Porn Faces

Porn turn-over

Hot Blonde Nurse Convicted of Taking Dick Pictures of Patients

Florida mom accused of hiring stripper for 8-year-old’s birthday


6 Exercises

12 Sex Workers Reveal The Strangest Things Clients Have Asked Them To Do

Have You “Pearled?”

Adult Stars Describe Superhero Fantasies in New C.J. Asher Video