Dangle is thinking of starting a phone sex line, but who wants 4 minutes of phone sex followed by 30 minutes of snoring? In this episode, Dick Dangle talks about his week being on the front lines of the pervert nation and discusses the online campaign that didn’t quite make its’ goal. Stories about another reason to sleep on top of the sheets in hotels, a gentlemen’s club and its’ new vision, top cities and their toys and a study that sparks a discussion are also brought to the table. So grab your phone and dial The Dangle for a good, but quick, time!

Dangle’s Week

  1. Restaurant Topics
  2. Dangle Rumors
  3. Dirty Mover

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Headquarters To Become Members-Only ‘HQNYC’

The 10 Cities That Buy the Most Sex Toys

STUDY: Women Would Rather Date Nice Guys Than Good-Looking Men