I can’t believe we’re getting away with this! I’m so turned on right now!

Thank you ma’am, may I have another?! Luckily, all of us get another! In this episode, Dick talks about visiting “The Compound”, the exquisite workplace of the Supreme Dominatrix, Irene Boss. It was a tour of extraordinary magnitude! Plus, you get part two of the amazing interview of Irene Boss, which contains great public moments, effects of the internet and proper communication. There are also articles that include a naughty school boy (it’s not what you think!) and a series of accidently-erotic commercial (that’s not what they meant!). Get ready to learn a lot and become a better person for the journey!

  1. Part Two of Irene Boss
  2. Compound visit
    1. “I wasn’t late”
    2. Magnets
  3. This Son Brought His Dad Home a Hilarious Letter After Saying the Word “Dildo” In School
  4. The Six Weirdest Sexually Suggestive Infomercials