Those are butts and that’s a penis…

Get ready for a danglin’ good time! In this episode, Dangle has The Stepfather and Tempting Melanie in studio and they help him break down an awkward sexual dream and talk about a couple of stories about the kink that women want and an uncomfortable display of public affection. And then a real treat for the listeners, the first part of an amazing in-studio interview with the Professional Dominatrix Supreme, Miss Irene Boss! She brings knowledge, wisdom and some great stories based on her time as a Domina. Her history will leave you breathless! It is a great time that will leave you begging for part two! Enjoy!

  1. Weird sex dream: Handy in the beddie
  2. Hell Yeah! Women Actually Want Kinkier Sex, Guys
  3. A Couple Was Arrested For Having Sex in Bed Bath & Beyond

Part 1 of Interview with Irene Boss

  1. Irene Boss