I’m tryin’ to jerk off on the toilet here! Where’s the sex?!

If a pervert masterbates in the woods and no one is around to hear it, do they even make a wet spot? For this episode, Dick talks about seeing the perfectly dirty comedian Jim Norton. He also brings stories involving a great porn title, an image you can’t unsee and the views from around the globe about American sexuality. Some articles to check out include some talk about the new “Fifty Shades” movie. And then the wonderful world of Dangle is rocked with an interview featuring the deliciously sexy Keisha Grey at Blush Gentlemen’s Club. She talks music, gummy bears and butt sex! How lucky is Dangle? Enjoy the show and watch out for the wet twigs and leaves!


Keisha Grey @ Blush

Jim Norton @ Rex Theater


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Keisha Grey