Put down the burger and pick up a whip!

Dick Dangle used to be a great hockey player until his game became predictable. He always goes for the five-hole! For this fun episode, Dick and The Stepfather articles include some information for listeners (and everybody!) involving modern definitions for new sexual terms. Also included are some incredible stats from 2016, the health benefits of the kink and relationship tests to torture your partners with!. And then Dangle catches up with the amazing Keisha Grey at Blush Gentlemen’s Club in Pittsburgh! She talks about her movies, social media fun and her adult master plans! And remember, always be aware of Dangle’s high stick!

60 Sex-Relevant Terms You May Not Know – and Why You Should


Kinky Sex Has Health Benefits Like You Wouldn’t Believe

7 Subtle Ways to Measure the Strength of Your Relationship




Meeting a listener

Keisha Grey at Blush