Rock, paper, scissors, masturbation, Porsche!

Hooray! Dick Dangle and The Fine Stepfather bring you episode 150!! That’s right, almost 3 years of episodes! Can you believe it? In this episode, it’s more of what you love and deserve. Dangle discusses a successful road rage de-escalation technique. Then, the team has articles about helping the quick-draw men, a dating system, the amazing world of animals (sex!) and a study of what Dangle does wrong with the ladies (which is a lot!). And then we have an interview with the amazing award-winning feature entertainer Natasha Nova from Blush gentlemen’s Club! She talks dancing, her creativity, her hobbies and the Stripper Olympics (how awesome is that?)! Thanks for being a part of this journey with me and Dangle on!


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Natasha Nova Interview