You go, you little slut!

There is no doubt that Pervert Nation will be jingling all the way, and maybe having multiple jingles, listening to this show! In the first half of the show, Dick and Harley Marie discuss a cuddling update and another strange Craigslist post. Articles include the best time to do the nasty and popular porn searches. Then, the second half of the show contains a fantastic interview with the male performer, Dante Colle. You’ll learn many things about him, such as being an award-nominated and winning, genre-fluid performer, pushing industry boundaries, working on set, acting and his hobbies away from the industry. It’s a fun talk with a humble and charismatic person. So enjoy the show and don’t be afraid to listen under the mistletoe, because Dangle Clause is on his way!

Study Reveals That 7 p.m. Is the Most Popular Time to Have Sex AVN

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