Going out with a bang!

Fall is here and it’s latte season, and Dick Dangle is more than happy to put some froth on your drink! In this episode, Dick gets personal with the process and partial fail in a tribute to Harley Marie, then Harley does a review of a really unique sex toy and the crew discusses an article about sex workers first days on the job. The show break includes a new “One Minute Review” of the Burning Angel film “Metal Massage”. Lastly, big show news about Inked Angels and Dick Dangle that delivers an interview with the stunning Rocky Emerson! This sexy performer discusses her popularity, her plants, long and hot shoots, and her love of well-placed finishes. It doesn’t get any better than this! Enjoy the show and remember, a sex toy in a pile of leaves is much more fun than a needle in a haystack!

Sex workers and strippers dish on their first day on the job (22 Photos)